Megan Green is a champion for economic, racial, and environmental justice in St. Louis City.

She is guided everyday by the belief that all people deserve to live and work with dignity. She recognizes that for far too long St. Louis has created policies that leave people and neighborhoods behind. Her energy has heartened the ward that she has represented since 2014. She has been a dependable and visible presence at the forums, debates, rallies, and actions that are guiding the City’s rebirth.

For too long, St. Louis’ history of systemic racism, including housing discrimination and police violence, shaped our City in ways that have left predominantly Black and poor neighborhoods with more blight, vacancies, and crime. For too long, a working majority at the Board of Aldermen has too often focused the City’s resources on the wrong people —choosing to offer (or just sell) corporate handouts in the form of tax incentives, which takes away from St. Louis’ ability to adequately educate and nurture our children, or to strengthen our stable neighborhoods and rebuild our broken ones.

Working with Mayor Tishaura O. Jones and Comptroller Darlene Green, Megan will fight to ensure that all St. Louisans have the resources they need to thrive in our City. Her core values and local data inform specific policy proposals for St. Louis, which are detailed here